Office Mascot

Peter Pan Office Mascot

Office Mascot
​​​​​​​Peter Pan

Office Mascot and Love-Monger

Peter Pan, AKA “Pete” or “PP”, is our most popular team member and, undoubtedly, the gentlest canine in the history of the universe. He has been with Vision Tech since May 2018. He gets along exceptionally well with each team member and continues to love each of them unconditionally, even on their worst days.

Pete had a rough start in life. He was brought to the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA in January 2018 at 8 months of age. Severely underweight with mange covering most of his body, it was clear he had been neglected. After Pete's infection cleared, he was bald with scabs covered his face, neck, back, and rear. He knew the command “sit” but couldn’t do it because his bottom was covered in sores. He was house trained but hated to walk on grass and cold pavement because the pads on his feet were raw. He watched in confusion when the other dogs would run and play, and it was over a month before he even let out a bark. Dr. Davis learned of Pete through his loving foster family who helped him grow furrier, healthier and stronger every day!

In March of 2018, Dr. Davis welcomed Pete as part of her own family (and work-family). Somehow, despite his background, this sweet pup has always trusted and loved humans. Pete enjoys sitting next to floor heaters and fireplaces, basking in the warm sunshine, riding shotgun in the car, and licking smelly feet whenever possible. His favorite hobbies include sleeping and receiving hind leg rubs. 

At the office, Pete can be found relaxing underneath Dr. Davis’s personal office desk, lying on his bed behind the front desk, and/or eating any and all human food given to him in the staff break room (minus carrots… he’s not fond of carrots). He does not roam the clinic areas of the office but always hopes patients seek him out to give him extra love and attention.

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