Contact Lens Exam

Contact Lens Exam

If you are thinking of switching to contact lenses, you will need to go through a fitting process. The first step in your contact lens journey is getting a comprehensive eye exam. The exam will allow the optometrist to determine your eye health and prescription.

After the exam, you will need contact lens fitting to allow the doctor to prescribe the right contacts for you. It is important to find out what to expect before a contact lens exam.

An Eye Examination

Millions of people are choosing the convenience of contact lenses for their vision correction. Before getting contacts, the eye specialist will need to carry out a comprehensive eye exam. It is important to note that contacts are not suitable for everyone.

The exam will allow the specialist to ensure that the patient’s eyes are in good health. During the exam, the eye doctor will look for signs of cataracts, eye inflammation, dry eyes, and other eye issues. Retinal imaging is a vital part of the exam that helps to detect different eye conditions.


Contact Lens Options

After the eye examination has indicated you need vision correction, the doctor will determine if you are a good candidate for contacts. Some factors can make wearing contacts difficult, and they include severe astigmatism and dry eyes.

If you have any of these conditions, you will require special custom contact lenses. If you rub your eyes constantly, contact lenses may not be right for you, and you should stick to eyeglasses. After the vision test, the doctor will determine your contact prescription strength.


The Right Contact Lenses

The eye doctor will discuss the different contact lens options. There are many options available, and you need to find contacts that are right for you. You can find out the different brands as well as the right types for your specific condition. You can discover the benefits and drawbacks of the different options. Think about your lifestyle when choosing contacts.

There are colored contacts and lenses designed for people who live an active lifestyle. Discuss how long you want to wear the contacts. You can choose daily disposables, weekly, monthly, or even yearly contacts.

Lenses for Hard-to-Fit Eyes

Some people have hard-to-fit eyes. These individuals need special contact lenses for their conditions. People with astigmatism can get toric lenses. Hard lenses can be prescribed for those with special needs.

Measurements for Contacts

The contact lens fitting will involve taking measurements of the eyes. The measurements check the diameter and curve of the eye for correct lens fitting. The doctor will also measure the pupil and iris. After determining the measurements, the eye doctor will carry out a tear film evaluation test. This is done to find out if the eyes are moist enough to make wearing contacts comfortable.

After choosing the right lenses for you, the doctor will order a trial pair to teach you how to wear the contacts. You will learn how to put the lenses in and take them out. You will also learn how to care for the contacts. You will wear the trial contacts until the next visit. A follow-up visit will help to determine if the contacts are comfortable and if they provide perfect vision.

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