5 Differences Between a Contact Lens Exam and Eyeglasses Exam

5 Differences Between a Contact Lens Exam and Eyeglasses Exam

A contact lens exam and an eyeglasses exam are different exams. The former aims to check the suitability of contacts for a patient. The latter seeks to determine the appropriate eyeglass prescription for a patient. Here are five key differences between a contact lens exam and an eyeglasses exam: 


1. Purpose

The primary purpose of a contact lens exam is to determine if contacts are a suitable option for a patient. If so, it then determines the best contact lens for the patient. The examination involves evaluating the patient's eye health. The eye doctor also assesses the patient's ability to handle and care for contact lenses. An eyeglass exam seeks to determine the correct eyeglass prescription for a patient.


2. Testing

Contact lens exams typically include additional testing. The purpose is to assess the eye's health and determine the best lens type for the patient. That includes testing for the curvature of the cornea, the health of the eye's front surface, and the production of tears.

An eyeglasses exam typically involves testing to determine the eyeglass prescription, including testing for visual acuity, eye muscle function, and refractive errors.


3. Fitting

A contact lens exam includes a fitting to ensure that the lenses are the correct size and shape for the patient's eyes. That may involve trying on different types of lenses to determine the best fit. An eyeglasses exam does not typically include a fitting. After all, eyeglasses do not need to fit the individual shape of the eye.


4. Follow-up Care

A contact lens exam typically includes follow-up care to ensure the lenses are comfortable and working correctly for the patient. That may involve additional visits to the eye doctor to adjust the contact lens fit or to address any issues that may arise.

An eyeglasses exam typically does not include follow-up care. That is because eyeglasses do not require the same level of ongoing care as contact lenses.


5. Cost

Contact lens exams are typically more expensive than eyeglasses exams due to the additional testing and fitting. However, the overall cost of contacts and eyeglasses can vary depending on the type of lenses or frames chosen.


Are These Exams Necessary?

Eyeglasses and contact lens exams are necessary because they help ensure the proper correction of a patient's vision. They also ensure that the patient is using the appropriate vision correction method.

A contact lens exam is essential because it helps determine if contacts are suitable for you. If so, the exam will help identify the best type of contact lens for you. That is crucial because contact lenses are medical devices. They require proper fitting to work correctly and be comfortable for the patient. A contact lens exam also helps ensure the eye's health by evaluating the eye's overall health and assessing the patient's ability to handle and care for contact lenses.

An eyeglasses exam is essential because it helps determine the eyeglass prescription that will correct your vision. That is important since glasses are many people's primary method of correcting vision.

So, it is best to have the correct prescription to see clearly. An eyeglasses exam also helps ensure that eyeglasses are appropriate for your needs, considering any special requirements for activities like driving or sports.

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